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CJEA is a peer-reviewed academic journal that deals inclusively with the theories and methods of eco-agriculture in China. It publishes full-length research papers, rapid communications and review works and covers all major aspects of agroecology, including but not limited to the structure, function, succession and stability of agro-ecosystem; agricultural resources protection and utilization; agro-biology, crop hemerocology, crop resistance physiology and ecology; agro-environment management; control of agricultural pest; sustainable agricultural development and successful eco-agricultural models. Specifically, agro-ecosystem, crop physiology ecology, eco-agricultural practice patterns and few other disciplines of the journal have received high rating among all agricultural periodicals in China. CJEA is a dual-effect journalmore>>

Current Issue
Development and Effects of Organic Agriculture
Crop Cultivation and Physiological Ecology
Agricultural Ecologic Economics and Ecoagriculture