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Volume 27,Issue 6,2019 Table of Contents

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Agroecosystem and it's Regulation

Effects of organic waste application on soil greenhouse gas emissions of a winter wheat field
  LI Chunxi, LI Sisi, SHAO Yun, MA Shouchen, LIU Qing, WENG Zhengpeng and LI Xiaobo
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Overwintering population density and cold tolerance of Bemisia tabaci in greenhouses and open fields in the Fujian Province
  YAO Fengluan, ZHENG Yu, DING Xueling, LU Xuesong, HE Yuxian and WENG Qiyong
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Effects of UV-B radiation on entomopathogenic nematode survival and pathogenicity
  QIAN Xiujuan, ZHANG Shipeng, XIE Pan and LIU Changzhong
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Response of suitable distribution of citrus in Sichuan Province to climate change
  LIN Zhengyu, CHEN Qiang, DENG Liangji, LI Xiao, HE Peng and XIONG Ying
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Crop Cultivation and Physiological Ecology

Response of interspecific competition and complementarity of maize/pea intercropping to reduced tillage and high-density planting
  REN Xuling, TENG Yuanyuan, WANG Yifan, YIN Wen and CHAI Qiang
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Effect of maize/soybean relay strip intercropping system on soybean morphology, chlorophyll fluorescence, and yield in Sichuan area
  CHEN Yuankai, FENG Lingyang, MUHAMMAD Ali Raza, FAN Yuanfang, CHEN Junxu, YONG Taiwen, YANG Wenyu and YANG Feng
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Comparison of yield and nitrogen use efficiency-related traits of cotton cultivars released during the last sixty years
  BAIDENGSHA·Maimaitiaili, SUN Liangbin, LIU Zhongshan and FENG Gu
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Classification evaluation and fiber quality characteristics of different types of cotton varieties using similarity-difference analysis method
  TANG Shurong, WEI Shoujun, WEI Jingyan, MENG Junting, GUO Ruilin and FENG Xiaojian
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Response of leaf stomata and photosynthetic parameters to short-term drought stress in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
  WANG Kaili, GAO Yanzhao, LI Shan, ZHANG Menglu, WU Zhihao, LIU Liantao, SUN Hongchun, LI Cundong and ZHANG Yongjiang
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Effects of water supply on photosynthesis and fluorescence characteristics of sweet potato[Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] leaves and comparison of light response models
  WU Haiyun, GUO Qilin, WANG Jinqiang, LI Huan and LIU Qing
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Agricultural Resources and Environment

Daily standardized antecedent precipitation evapotranspiration index (SAPEI) and its adaptability in Anhui Province
  CHEN Jinhua, YU Weiguo, LIU Ruina, YUE Wei and CHEN Xi
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Variation in characteristics of light and heat resource utilization efficiency of double-season rice and its impact on meteorological yield along the Yangtze River in Anhui Province
  YUE Wei, CHEN Jinhua, RUAN Xinmin, CHEN Xi, CHEN Yantao and WANG Zhen
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Evolution and driving forces of cultivated land quantity in Xiamen City using niche theory
  GAO Xueli, ZHANG Jian, YANG Dewei and LIU Bin
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Environmental risks and precautions in pig husbandry relocation in China
  HAN Dongmei, JIN Shuqin, HU Yu, WU Tianlong and CHEN Yanli
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Agricultural Ecologic Economics and Ecoagriculture

Effect of capital endowment on farmers' decision-making in protecting cultivated land in a rice-growing area:An empirical study based on a double-hurdle model
  CUI Yue, ZHAO Kai, HE Jing and QU Meng
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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Study on dynamic changes in ecosystem service values in Qinglong County based on coefficient correction
  LIU Qian, LI Ge, ZHANG Chao, ZHAO Li and ZHU Yongming
  Published 6月 1日, 2019
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