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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
2013917 Application of spatial viewshed analysis in classifying scenic forests along the Badaling Great Wall ZHAO Guang-Liang 2013,21(9):1157-1165 14812
2019-0604 Response of suitable distribution of citrus in Sichuan Province to climate change LIN Zhengyu, CHEN Qiang, DENG Liangji, LI Xiao, HE Peng and XIONG Ying 2019,27(6):845-859 12812
2019-0614 Environmental risks and precautions in pig husbandry relocation in China HAN Dongmei, JIN Shuqin, HU Yu, WU Tianlong and CHEN Yanli 2019,27(6):951-958 8899
2014807 Estimation of regional evapotranspiration over the Hufu Plain using STME and MODIS data LI Fang,SHEN Yanjun and ZHANG Yucui 2014,22(8):911-919 8744
20104905 Impact of climatic change on agricultural production and response strategies in China LIU Yan-Sui,LIU Yu and GUO Li-Ying 2010,18(4):905-910 7433
2009538 Advances in functional gene diversity of microorganism in relation to soil nitrogen cycling ZHANG Jing,LIN Xian-Gui and YIN Rui 2009,17(5):1029-1034 7254
20170601 Agricultural land sharing/sparing and their potential effects on biodiversity YANG Mei and LIU Zhangyong 2017,25(6):787-794 7158
2013101 Discussion on the key processes of carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles and biological regulation mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystem YU Gui-Rui,GAO Yang,WANG Qiu-Feng,LIU Shi-Rong and SHEN Wei-Jun 2013,21(1):1-13 6945
20110441 Research advances on source/sink intensities and greenhouse effects of CO2, CH4 and N2O in agricultural soils ZHANG Yu-Ming,HU Chun-Sheng,ZHANG Jia-Bao,DONG Wen-Xu,WANG Yu-Ying and SONG Li-Na 2011,19(4):966-975 6639
2003233 The shading and its effect on crop yield under poplar-crop intercropping system WANG Ying,CUI Jian-Zhou,YUAN Yu-Xin,SHANG Hal-Hua and YANG Bao-Chen 2003,11(2):107-110 6317
2012816 Response of anatomy and hydraulic characteristics of xylem stem ofPopulus euphratica Oliv. to drought stress XU Qian 2012,20(8):1059- 5753
20110237 Review of researches on soil aggregate and soil organic carbon LIU Zhong-Liang and YU Wan-Tai 2011,19(2):447-455 5439
2009136 Continuous cropping obstacle and allelopathic autotoxicity of medicinal plants ZHANG Zhong-Yi and LIN Wen-Xiong 2009,17(1):189-196 5333
2009321 Temporal variation and spatial distribution of the root system of corn in a soil profile LIU Jing-Miao,AN Shun-Qing,LIAO Rong-Wei,REN San-Xue and LIANG Hong 2009,17(3):517-521 5310
20141011 Identification and antifugla activity of the antagonistic bacteria of Cytospora spp. WANG Weixiong,XU Bingliang,XUE Yingyu,CHEN Zhen and LIANG Xudong 2014,22(10):1214-1221 5147
2014606 Determining antifungal spectrum and mechanism of Trichoderma longibrachiatum in vitro ZHANG Jin,ZHANG Shuwu,XU Bingliang,GU Lijun and XUE Yingyu 2014,22(6):661-667 5102
2010241 A review on the development and application of nano-scale amendment in remediating polluted soils and waters WANG Meng,CHEN Shi-Bao,LI Na and MA Yi-Bing 2010,18(2):434-439 4966
2010242 Review of indexes for evaluating plant response to elevated near-surface ozone concentration LIANG Jing,ZENG Qing,ZHU Jian-Guo,XIE Zu-Bin,LIU Gang and TANG Hao-Ye 2010,18(2):440-445 4871
2012802 Research progress on phthalate esters (PAEs) organicpollutants in the environment LIU Qing,YANG Hong-Jun,SHI Yan-Xi and SHU Long 2012,20(8):968-975 4859
2019-0615 Effect of capital endowment on farmers' decision-making in protecting cultivated land in a rice-growing area:An empirical study based on a double-hurdle model CUI Yue, ZHAO Kai, HE Jing and QU Meng 2019,27(6):959-970 4694