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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of ClickCopy
2003348 Research progress and prospect on conservation tillage JIA Shu-Long and REN Tu-Sheng 2003,11(3):152-154 17124
20110441 Research advances on source/sink intensities and greenhouse effects of CO2, CH4 and N2O in agricultural soils ZHANG Yu-Ming,HU Chun-Sheng,ZHANG Jia-Bao,DONG Wen-Xu,WANG Yu-Ying and SONG Li-Na 2011,19(4):966-975 5173
20110237 Review of researches on soil aggregate and soil organic carbon LIU Zhong-Liang and YU Wan-Tai 2011,19(2):447-455 5153
10301 On the technical package for eco-agriculture LUO Shi-Ming 2010,18(3):453-457 4815
2013101 Discussion on the key processes of carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles and biological regulation mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystem YU Gui-Rui,GAO Yang,WANG Qiu-Feng,LIU Shi-Rong and SHEN Wei-Jun 2013,21(1):1-13 4457
2010102 Re-estimation of direct nitrous oxide emission from agricultural soils of China via revised IPCC2006 guideline method ZHANG Qiang,JU Xiao-Tang and ZHANG Fu-Suo 2010,18(1):7-13 4356
20170601 Agricultural land sharing/sparing and their potential effects on biodiversity YANG Mei and LIU Zhangyong 2017,25(6):787-794 4355
10332 Methane generation during anaerobic fermentation of four livestock slurries SHI Jin-Cai,LIAO Xin-Di and WU Yin-Bao 2010,18(3):632-636 4347
2010217 Effect of microbial organic fertilizer application on soil microbial activity HU Ke,LI Hua-Xing,LU Wei-Sheng,LIU Yuan-Jin and WANG Li-Bin 2010,18(2):303-306 4235
2009538 Advances in functional gene diversity of microorganism in relation to soil nitrogen cycling ZHANG Jing,LIN Xian-Gui and YIN Rui 2009,17(5):1029-1034 4089
2010103 NPK accumulation in greenhouse soil and its effect on groundwater YUAN Li-Jin,JU Xiao-Tang,ZHANG Li-Juan,WANG Jue and YANG Zhi-Xin 2010,18(1):14-19 4000
20120102 Response of denitrifying bacteria community structure and abundance to nitrogen in paddy fields SONG Ya-Na,LIN Zhi-Min and LIN Yan 2012,20(1):7-12 3835
20110515 An overview of root hydraulic lift in root-soil systems SHAO Li-Wei,SUN Hong-Yong,CHEN Su-Ying and ZHANG Xi-Ying 2011,19(5):1080-1085 3771
2002242 Preliminary studies of management of livestock pollution in China LI Yuan,SHAN Zheng-Jun and XU De-Hui 2002,10(2):136-138 3678
20170101 Agroecology transition and suitable pathway for eco-agricultural development in China LUO Shiming 2017,25(1):1-7 3671
20110508 Analysis of field water consumption, its pattern, impact and driving factors SUN Hong-Yong,ZHANG Xi-Ying,CHEN Su-Ying,SHAO Li-Wei,WANG Yan-Zhe and DONG Bo-Fei 2011,19(5):1032-1038 3644
2010241 A review on the development and application of nano-scale amendment in remediating polluted soils and waters WANG Meng,CHEN Shi-Bao,LI Na and MA Yi-Bing 2010,18(2):434-439 3614
2010129 Role of Eichhornia crassipes uptake in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from eutrophic waters ZHANG Zhi-Yong,ZHENG Jian-Chu,LIU Hai-Qin,CHANG Zhi-Zhou,CHEN Liu-Gen and YAN Shao-Hua 2010,18(1):152-158 3612
20110524 Effect of conservation tillage on soil quality in the piedmont plain of Mount Taihang DU Zhang-Liu,GAO Wei-Da,CHEN Su-Ying,HU Chun-Sheng and REN Tu-Sheng 2011,19(5):1134-1142 3554
20105965 A biomass accumulation model for maize/soybean intercropping system GAO Yang,DUAN Ai-Wang,QIU Xin-Qiang,ZHANG Jun-Peng,CHEN Jin-Ping and WANG He-Zhou 2010,18(5):965-968 3428