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      Online first articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
      Ecological farm construction under the development of ecological agriculture: history, progress, and prospects*
      Xu Xiangbo, Xu Rong, Zhang Linxiu, Hu Xiaofang, Li Xiaoyang, Xue Yinghao, Xu Zhiyu
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230677
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different blue light intensities with continuous light on morphogenesis, photosynthetic characteristics and nutrient ion absorption of lettuce
      jiamenghan, yangyang, zhangyihan, chencan, tongyuxin
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230729
      Abstract PDF
      Research progress of Carbon Nanotubes in plant genetic material delivery
      Yao Xue, Cui Lvjun, Cheng Huiling, Ma Huixin, Ye Ting, Bie Zhilong, Wu Honghong
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230635
      Abstract PDF
      A comparison and discussion of observational studies on farmland evapotranspiration in the North China Plain
      Li Rongji, Yang Tianyi, Liu Fan, Shen Yanjun, Zhang Yucui
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230642
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of the “July 23” Extreme Heavy Precipitation on Maize Yield in the Hebei Plain
      Quan Tao, Zhang Chengguo, FENG Ying, Li Hongjun, Shen Yanjun
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230703
      Abstract PDF
      Response of Qinghai Tibet Plateau Highland Barley adaptation area to climate change based on Maximum Entropy Model analysis
      Zhao Jiali, Lancuo Zhuoma, Wangwei, Wang Handong, Wangwen, Shen Jiping
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230665
      Abstract PDF
      Current status and prospects of seed pelleting research in China
      xiejin, Hanlipu
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230486
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of nitrogen absorption and utilization of super hybrid rice grown under two yield levels
      JIANG Peng, ZHOU Xingbing, ZHANG Lin, ZHU Yongchuan, GUO Xiaoyi, LIU Mao, XIONG Hong, GUO Changchun, XU Fuxian
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230691
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      The influence of new urbanization on grain green total factor productivity in grains: the mediating effect and regulating effects
      LU Wenjing, CHEN Weihong
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230549
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Life cycle assessment of ammonia and methane emission reduction technology model for manure management of Hebei Province *
      WANG Hongge, ZHANG Lu, WANG Xuan, Bai Zhaohai, MA Lin
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230679
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of combined application of Fe, Zn and Se on fruit quality, flavour and mineral element content in tomato fruit
      Shi Yu, Zhang Yujing, Li Guodong, Zhang Chengfeng, Zhang Yi
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230470
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of Protected Agriculture on Carbon Reduction and Carbon Sink Increase in China: An Empirical Study Based on 1828 County Panel Data
      LI Jiajia, WANG Pengxin, zhang rui
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230531
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the spatiotemporal differentiation characteristics and driving factors of agricultural green development in the Yellow River Basin from a county perspective
      HAN Xu, WANG Ying, LIU Wenting, YU Wanlin, XIA Xianli
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230638
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-compensation policy for comprehensive utilization of straw and households’ behavior of straw returning
      GAO Yahan, JIANG Zhen, JIN Leshan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230454
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of potassium application on yield, potassium accumulation dynamics, and light-temperature physiological characteristics of summer maize
      ZHANG Xiao, LI Lantao, GENG Sainan, YANG Qirui, MIAO Yuhong, WANG Yilun
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230435
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Quantitative estimation of sub-precipitation infiltration recharge of the thick vadose zone in the piedmont region of the North China Plain
      LIU Meiying, GAO Ya, ZHANG Junzhi, SHEN Yanjun, WU Lin, LI Mingliang, MIN Leilei
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230498
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Advances in transcriptomics- and metabolomics-based exploration of plant responses to drought and herbivorous insects
      FENG Zhen, ZHENG Chunyan, BO Yukun, LI Yehua, ZHU Feng
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230297
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Climate resource allocation and evolution of rice-oilseed rape double cropping system under different planting patterns in Anhui Province
      JIN Wenjun, CHEN Xiaofei, CHEN Jinhua, WEI Zhi, LEI Weixia, KONG Lingcong, DU Xiangbei
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230478
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effect of agricultural factor marketization on agricultural non-point source pollution: the regulatory role of environmental regulation
      LIU Mingyu, XIAO Haifeng
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230240
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Study on the performance differences of green production behavior among different types of traditional Chinese medicinal herb cultivators: an empirical analysis based on survey data in Chifeng City
      LIU Wei, NONG Fengpian, WEI Jingnan, ZHANG Zhenyu, ZHANG Lizhong, FU Yanhua
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230681
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Analysis of vulnerable level and characteristics of nitrogen losses from agricultural and livestock production system in Jing-Jin-Ji Region
      Yang Songqi, Zhang Nannan, Bai Zhaohai, Wang Xuan, Ma Lin
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230732
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of ginger-citrus intercropping on ginger growth, photosynthesis traits and yield
      PENG Xiangyan, MA Huihui, HE Yuting, LIU Ran, LIANG Hongyan, ZHU Yongxing, ZHU Xuedong, LIU Yiqing
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230604
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Crop yield prediction in Ethiopia based on machine learning under future climate scenarios
      XU Ning, LI Fadong, ZHANG Qiuying, AI Zhipin, LENG Peifang, SHU Wang, TIAN Chao, LI Zhao, CHEN Gang, QIAO Yunfeng
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230257
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Bacterial diversity exploring and functional prediction in ancient rice original-producing region of Wannian County, China
      LIU Yajun, WANG Chengbo, ZHANG Tao, YE Cui, CHU Xiaodong, LIAO Wencheng, LI Rongfu, WU Yongming
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230448
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of irrigation and silicon application on leaf microstructure, photosynthetic characteristics and yield of winter wheat
      SUN Jinyang, CAO Caiyun, ZHENG Chunlian, LI Kejiang, MA Junyong, ZHANG Junpeng, DANG Hongkai
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230643
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on the characteristics of grain filling and fruiting in different parts of Coix lacryma-jobi L.
      LIU Min, ZENG Tao, WEI Sheng, FU Jingfeng, CHENG Yi, LIU Dailing, SONG Bi
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230334
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Assessment of nitrogen footprint and economic profit under different ratooning rice cultivation modes in central China
      Li Yanshi, LI Chengfang
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20240005
      Abstract PDF
      Spatial correlation network structure and influencing factors of carbon emission efficiency of freshwater aquaculture in China
      Chenxiaolong, Diqianbin, Jiawenhan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230468
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of the drought and heat tolerance of the ginger germplasm resource and its screening of identification indexes
      YANG Ying, ZHANG Lingling, LIANG Huaru, LI Xiaoxue, LI Huiling, REN Yongzheng, ZHANG Xuemei, LIU Yiqing
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230606
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effect of synthetic microbial communities on rhizosphere and root-endophytic microbiota of soybean
      ZHOU Jiaxin, LIU Yue, XU Weihui, WANG Zhigang, CHEN Wenjing, HU Yunlong
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230496
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effect of nitrogen application on yield, quality and light temperature physiological characteristics of summer peanut
      YANG Qirui, LI Lantao, ZHANG Xiao, MIAO Yuhong, SHENG Kai, ZHANG Duo, WANG Yilun
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230568
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Distribution and influencing factors of plastic film residues in topsoil of farmland in Gansu Province
      ZHAO Jijun, TANG Jirong, LI Chongxiao, HE Hongqin, HUANG Hao
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230563
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Analysis and suggestions on agroecological practices in China: a study based on 431 national eco-farms
      HU Xiaofang, SUN Renhua, SUN Yuanfeng, LI Xiaoyang, GAO Ge, XU Zhiyu, YAN Dongquan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230676
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Distribution of manure-derived nitrogen and phosphorus from intensive livestock farming and their recycling potential
      ZHANG Jianjie, JIAO Guangyue, HAN Shihui, XUE Jiamin, ZHAO Tianxiang, YANG Jing
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230556
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Analysis of spatiotemporal heterogeneity of wheat potential yield and the driving factors in Hubei province
      YANG Rui, WANG Xiaoyan, LIU Ke
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230484
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Research on the path of improving green production efficiency of tuber crops in China from the perspective of configuration
      YU Shuiqing, ZHENG Jun, ZHANG Mingyue
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230737
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      A study on the impact of digital economy development on carbon emission efficiency in the plantation industry
      CHEN Weihong, GENG Fangyan, ZHANG Hongsheng
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230674
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Landscape ecological risk evaluation and driving factors in the lake basin of Central Yunnan Plateau
      WANG Shu, LIU Fenglian, CHEN Weiting, LIU Yan, CAI Wei
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230412
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of different rice-crayfish models on community structure and diversity of sulfate-reducing bacteria
      LI Yanliang, QIU Xiuwen, JIANG Yumei, NI Caiying, XIAO Luochang, LIANG Yihao, LIU Xin
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230538
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Spatial-temporal variation and influencing factors of farmland ecological value in the Yangtze River Economic Belt
      WANG Jianxin, LUO Xiaofeng, LIU Zaizhou, TANG Lin
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230515
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of different nitrogen fertilizer types on ammonia volatilization and nitrogen use efficiency of rice-oilseed rape crop rotation systems
      RAO Yiqing, YUE Ziqin, WANG Jinping, LI Chengfang
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230594
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effect of crop nutrient uptake utilization and yield in the flax intercropping pattern
      HAN Jing, Wang Yifan, GAO Yuhong, WANG Yingze, YAN Bin, WEN Ming, WANG Haidi, LIU Hongsheng
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230690
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Impact of shading on growth and photosynthetic physiology traits of Helianthus annuus Linn. under salt stress
      REN Yufei, FENG Xiaohui, LI Jing, GUO Kai, LI Weiliu, WU Yujie, LIU Xiaojing
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230644
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effect of straw return practices on soil physico-chemical properties and maize yield
      WANG Zhitong, LING Jun, LIU Zixi, ZHAO Deqiang, LI Zexue, ZHOU Shunli, YUAN Xingmao, LI Xiaohe, WEN Yuan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230517
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of land use change on the temporal and spatial pattern of carbon storage in Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration
      WEN Rui, GAO Yanyan, WU Zhihao, QIAN Hui
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230508
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Effects of subsoiling tillage on grain dehydration characteristics of maize hybrids in different eras
      GUO Huaihuai, YU Xiaofang, GAO Julin, MA Daling, HU Shuping, WANG Liqing
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230400
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Nano-enabled seed treatment technology: an efficient strategy to enhance climate resilience of crops
      KANG Zhao, ZHAO Lijuan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230641
      Abstract PDF
      Spatiotemporal evolution and driving factors of soybean production in Sichuan Province
      CHANG Jie, LIN Zhengyu, GAO Wenbo, DU Xingduan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230386
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Theoretical framework and research prospects on the green development effect of agricultural socialization services
      CHENG Yongsheng, ZHANG Deyuan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230434
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Analysis of ecological land stability and spatial pattern in western China
      DENG Shiyu, LIU Shaokun, HUANG Licheng, LU Rucheng, LU Shengquan, DENG Yuan
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20230397
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Abstract FullText HTML
      Nutrient flow characteristics analysis of typical county in crop-livestock systems in Black Soil Region in Northeast China
      WANG Yiying, ZHANG Chang, YUAN Jingchao, LIU Jianzhao, WANG Naihui, LIANG Yao, FAN Wei, REN Jun, CAI Hongguang
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220938
      Abstract FullText HTML PDF
      Study on Spatiotemporal Changes of Physiological and Biochemical Indexes and Total Flavonoids of Tetrastigmahemsleyanum in response to blue and purple monochromatic light treatment
      , , , , , , ,
      DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20210116
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